Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Class 2 First Assigment


This is the blocking pass of my first assignment of the 2nd Term.

My Mentor this 2nd. Class is Paul Allen: "Raised all over the map in Texas, I grew up loving to trace cartoons out of the Sunday comics and filling my eyes with Saturday morning cartoons. After deciding that chasing shoplifters in retail establishments wasn't a worthy career for such raw talents, I chose a path to animation (circa 1993 - 94) after seeing the short film by Pixar, 'Knick Knack'.
After graduating from a 2 year course of study at The Art Institute of Dallas in 1997, I've animated at DNA Productions, Inc. for the past 9 years on various projects such as 'Santa vs. The Snowman', 'Olive the Other Reindeer', 'Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius' (both feature and TV show), and the current feature 'The Ant Bully'."

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