Wednesday, August 28, 2013

RARE Logo Animation

Rare Logo from Juan Zubiaga on Vimeo.

This is an animation that I did for our friends of Rare creative agency


3d animation said...

it is usefull post

John Edwards said...

WOW!!! Short and attractive

lilyjoin said...

short way i like this

sunita akter said...

Great! 3D animation dominates the world of animated short & long films. 3D character play really actual look like character & people like them most.
short animated video

Anonymous said...

Oh This 3D logo animation is so appreciable. Good work!

Robert Hood said...

3D Animation: What #D Product Animation Can Do For You

The animation market is big- it was worth over $254 billion dollars in 2017. It has, however, become apparent that the rise was but the beginning. This industry is bound to grow, especially now that it has proved to be an efficient marketing strategy.

9 Amazing Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your 3D Animation

When most people believe 3D animation, they think entertainment. This is mainly because animation has kept us interested in cinemas for the longest time. The capability to captivate and inspire is in fact the key reason why animation is very popular among marketers these days.

So how effective is 3D product animation?

Well, Most Surely YES!

This is best illustrated by brands like Gillette and the beloved Apple. Look at the Gillette ads and you'll realize that a simple animation transformed a lowly shave into an adventure. Now consider at the extent of trust the marketing method garners for the brand. As its competitors make use of conventional marketing, Gillette infuses some 3D adventure to set itself apart. At the end of the day, a quality animation reflects very well on your brand. Use 3D product animation and join the growing list of companies that are dominating their niches.

When 3d animation is utilized as a marketing strategy, three primary benefits are realized:

1. Prototyping Magic: Lots of money goes into designing a prototype to test the market. To be fair, they do get the job done but, what if there was a more affordable alternative? Well, now you can. 3D product animation can be utilized to design a virtual prototype and expose it to the market. This way, you have the feedback synonymous with prototypes without the expense.

2. First Impressions Come Once: Let's face it, most products are boring. Think about the Gillette brand without the 3D animation. Would it not put you to sleep in the first five seconds?

3D product animation takes an ordinary looking item and transforms it into an adventure of epic proportions. Every product is beautiful in a virtual world- especially after a few special effects. When done properly, animation will endear your brand to the relevant niche.

The iPhone X is a great example. Its advertising relied heavily on 3D models. Some other brands including Microsoft, Huawei, and Samsung have also employed 3D product animations. It is no wonder they dominate their markets.

3.Money Talks: 3D product animation saves money. Besides marketing, the 3D model can also be used to identify glitches in an unfinished product. Designers can change the product after analyzing its model without physical prototyping.

Animation also makes it possible to promote the product cost-effectively. Just take a look at the popularity of 3D modelling rigs and Virtual Reality equipment to have a feel of how hungry the world is for 3D.

In conclusion, your product has a lot to gain from 3D technologies. They add mystique, suspense, and glamor to products. Animation also gives the brand legitimacy as a modern oriented company. Bad first impression has been the doom of many products.

Don't add to that sad statistic. Stir things up. Turn your advertising into a 3D adventure. We all know how popular those story lines are, don't we?