Thursday, November 22, 2012

HIF Easy

HIF EASY from Juan Zubiaga on Vimeo.

This is the latest TVC that I did for HIF, I always enjoy to animate this little character.


Anonymous said...

In most 3D computer animation systems, an animator creates a simplified representation of a character's anatomy, analogous to a skeleton or stick figure. The position of each segment of the skeletal model is defined by animation variables, or Avars. In human and animal characters, many parts of the skeletal model correspond to actual bones, but skeletal animation is also used to animate other things, such as facial features (though other methods for facial animation exist). The character "Woody" in Toy Story, for example, uses 700 Avars, including 100 Avars in the face. The computer does not usually render the skeletal model directly (it is invisible), but uses the skeletal model to compute the exact position and orientation of the character, which is eventually rendered into an image. Thus by changing the values of Avars over time, the animator creates motion by making the character move from frame to frame.

Alex Frisch

3d innovative said...

Thanks for posting.Its is helpfull post. said...

This little guy is cute! Great job on animating him! Did you model and rig that little guy too? He has very nice flying and flapping motion :)