Tuesday, February 05, 2013

This is one of the latest illustration that I worked on at John Cheese. I did the AUD Notes and the particles. The chainsaw is a photo(I don't have the name of photographer). Final Retouch, James Hawkes. The art direction is from Block Branding(Mark Braddock).


LA said...

cool work friend
have a look

Anonymous said...

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Alex Frisch

Saraedwards said...

That work very horrible.

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Kids Cds said...

Its mind blowing to see, i never seen such a kind of animation before.All are looking different from one another.
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nutlis adward said...

mind blowing 3d!Good job.keep it up!:)

MAGES said...

Illustration image is very nice.
You have done excellent work.
Glad to see your work